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    LXer Weekly Roundup for 01-Jun-2014

    LXer Feature: 01-Jun-2014

    In the LXWR this week we have LynuxWorks reverting to its original LynxOS name, just what is a good terminal emulator for Linux, Why the porting method doesn't matter, Glyn Moody calls out Makerbot and the five most popular end-user Linux distributions. Enjoy!

    LynuxWorks reverts to its LynxOS roots, changes name

    LynuxWorks, which changed its name and launched BlueCat Linux alongside its older LynxOS RTOS in 2000, has renamed itself to “Lynx Software Technologies.” In a news announcement, Lynx CEO Gurjot Singh said the company’s “new name reflects broad market adoption of LynxOS and LynxSecure … in connected embedded systems.”

    Data Synchronization in Android Applications for Tablets With Back-End RDBMS

    Android developers can now benefit from ITTIA DB SQL’s bi-directional data synchronization in applications that need to maintain connection with back-end enterprise databases.

    How Bash Shell interprets a command ??

    In this previous part of this article we learned about types of shells . In most of the Linux distributions , bash shell is the default shell. So we are going to discuss the working of bash shell in this article . Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the bash ride Normally we think that when we type a command, shell looks for the command in all the directories defined in the PATH environment variable. But in real it goes through the following sequence to reach the above step. Redirection Aliases Expansion Shell Function Shell Builtin Hash table PATH variable

    Fun With Linux using 5 crazy commands

    Linux is generally considered as a geek’s operating system and I am completely agree with it. Linux is not only limited to work only. You can also enjoy a lot while working on it. There are many crazy commands which will bring a big smile on your face. Below we are going to discuss few out of them. 1. Oneko : This utility remembers me of the cat mouse game. Cat chases the mouse pointer regardless of its position. You have to download it from the repository by typing “sudo apt-get install oneko” (without quotes) in ubuntu .Then just launch it by typing oneko . You will see a

    Arch Linux: I stand corrected

    In my last article, ArchBang: A small review I was a bit unfair to the distro. I did not want to see these distros (ArchBang and Arch Linux) for what they really are and I consider that to be very wrong. Therefore, I bring you a few thoughts on Arch Linux after playing around with it for about 2-3 days.

    25 Best Free Linux Graphics Softwares For Designers & Developers

    Linux is a very strong platform for budding artists, photographers, animators, and designers. With inexpensive hardware, free software, and a modicum of talent and inspiration, anyone can create professional-looking computer graphics.There is a huge range of Open Source software available to create, modify and convert 2D and 3D computer graphics. To provide an insight into the software that is available, here is a compiled a list of http://en.digitalkamera.com/25-best-free-linux-graphics-soft... >25 high quality Linux graphics applications. The vast majority of the software featured here sport an attractive graphical front-end, although we have not neglected console based applications.

    GoAhead Software Moves to Open Source Business Model

    GoAhead Software Moves to Open Source Business Model. GoAhead? Software today announces that it is shifting its business model and technology strategy from its proprietary SAFfire product to an open source software model. Simultaneous with the move to open source, GoAhead is announcing the acquisition of Avantellis from Emerson Network Power. These two significant moves combine to create a new overall strategic direction for GoAhead.

    BlueCat Embedded Linux Gains Database for Kernel

    McObject?, developer of the eXtremeDB? embedded database product family, and LynuxWorks, a world leader in the embedded software market, today announced a technology alliance in which McObject has ported its eXtremeDB Kernel Mode (KM) embedded database to LynuxWorks’ BlueCat Embedded Linux 5.6 operating system.

    ITTIA Previews New Release of ITTIA Database for ESEC 2007 in Japan

    May 14, 2007 -- Bellevue, WA -- ITTIA is further strengthening its ITTIA Database management software for embedded systems and devices with the release of version 2.0. ITTIA previews this new release at one of Japan’s largest embedded gatherings, ESEC -- Embedded Systems Expo and Conference. ESEC provides embedded developers with an opportunity to learn about exciting new technologies, such as ITTIA Database.

    [ITTIA appears to be non-libre software. - dcparris]

    Embedded Linux is made for Xilinx developers

    BlueCat-ME makes LynuxWorks the first embedded RTOS provider to enable developers to work with Linux on both PowerPC and MicroBlaze architectures and the popular LynxOS for PowerPC.

    Powerpc softcore FPGAs gain commercial Linux 2.6

    LynuxWorks has launched a new version of its commercially supported embedded Linux operating system aimed specifically at Xilinx FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). BlueCat Linux Micro Edtion (BlueCat-ME) supports Xilinx FPGAs with embedded PowerPC cores, and those that use their programmable logic elements to run Xilinx's 32-bit MicroBlaze softcore.

    Linux/BSD/UNIX Photoshop Problem Solved

    One of the age-long problems with the Linux operating system was never the lack of functionality but the lack of major commercial applications porting their software to Linux. The movie industry has shown high demand for such software to be ported and, after a long wait, companies such as Autodesk and Softimage have ported fully supported Linux versions of their applications for their dedicated customers.

    WinDriver 9.00 - Sneak Peek!

    The Jungo Connectivity Software Newsletter keeps you updated with information on driver development., embedded USB software stacks and wide range of USB testing tools.

    Demo features POSIX-compliant separation kernel, Linux

    LynuxWorks will demonstrate a simulated aircraft environment based on embedded Linux, a proprietary separation kernel, and Intel Virtualization Technology, at the Open Group's Enterprise Architecture Conference (EAC) next week in San Diego. The demonstration shows Linux failing without affecting real-time POSIX applications running directly under the company's LynxSecure separation kernel.

    Lynuxworks CEO ascends to visionary role

    Gurjot Singh (right) has been promoted from COO to CEO of LynuxWorks. Former CEO Dr. Inder M. Singh, who has led the company through virtually all of its 18-year history, will focus on his role as chairman, serving as a strategic visionary.

    IBM alphaWorks Takes a Look Back and Moves Forward

    As part of its 10th anniversary, IBM’s alphaWorks took a look at how things started and what’s yet to come.

    Commercial embedded Linux distro, RTOS ABI rev'd

    LynuxWorks has revised its commercial embedded Linux distribution, and updated the Linux application binary interface (ABI) in its proprietary RTOS (real-time operating system). BlueCat Linux 5.4 is based on a 2.6.13 kernel, for improved determinism and lower latency, while LynxOS 4.2's ABI is based on glibc 2.2.93.

    LynuxWorks Increases Linux Application support for LynxOS RTOS

    LynuxWorks Takes Advantage of New Hardware Devices and Increases Linux Application Support in Its Flagship LynxOS RTOS

    Lynuxworks Updates BlueCat Embedded Linux for Improved Performance ...

    LynuxWorks' BlueCat Linux 5.4 Supports Newer Linux Kernel and GNU Toolchain

    GNU/Linux -- Like No Other Hotrod, Ever

    Tux with cboy's rat-on-a-shoestring LXer Feature: 04-Aug-2006

    GNU/Linux -- Like No Other Hotrod, Ever

    While others appear to be going backwards, Linux just keeps racing ahead.

    'Linux supports more devices, "out of the box", than any other operating system ever has.'

    "Yes, that's right, we support more things than anyone else. And more than anyone else ever has in the past. Linux has a very long list of things that we have supported before anyone else ever did."
    -- Greg Kroah-Hartman, OLS 2006 Keynote

    Many Levels of Security

    The National Security Agency and the Air Force Research Laboratory are working in a joint initiative with software vendors, defense contractors and academia to develop products based on a highly secure information architecture known as Multiple Independent Levels of Security.

    [It mentions CC EAL 6+, which caused me to go back and look at David A. Wheeler's High Assurance and FLOSS. Combining the two has my head spinning. -- grouch]

    Lynuxworks and Objective Interface Team to Deliver Real-Time ...

    SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 10, 2006 -- LynuxWorks? Inc. today announced that its LynxOS?-178 real-time operating system (RTOS) product now offers complete integration with Objective Interface Systems' ORBexpress? RT, the most widely deployed commercial-off-the-shelf tools (COTS) Object Request Broker (ORB) for safety-critical military and aerospace systems. ORBexpress RT is a real-time Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) ORB that enables software developers to simplify the development of distributed software applications, build scalable, efficient and robust applications, and reduce overall development time, meeting time-to-market requirements. The combination of the LynxOS-178 RTOS with ORBexpress RT communications middleware delivers a well-engineered foundation, enabling developers to deliver hard real-time performance in a small-footprint application with full code reusability across diverse systems.

    FUEL DB turns 1.0

    ITTIA, developers of a new lightweight database for embedded systems and mobile devices, announced today the official launch of version one of its FUEL DB cross-platform product.

    F-35 cockpit display system to run Linux apps?

    LynuxWorks says L-3 Display Systems chose its Linux-like LynxOS-178 real-time OS for the cockpit display system in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Key selection criteria included adherence to open standards, Linux compatibility, interoperability benefits of a POSIX API, and support for ARINC-653, according to the company

    Lynuxworks LynxOS-178 Chosen to Power F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's ...

    LynuxWorks to Provide DO-178B Certifiable ARINC-653 and POSIX Conformant RTOS for Safety-Critical, Multi-Role Stealth Fighter

    Linux, open standards prominent at annual LynuxWorks media event

    Embedded RTOS and Linux vendor LynuxWorks highlighted the importance of open standards and open source software, off-the-shelf OSes, and reusable software, at an invitation-only media event last week. It announced two security-oriented OS products, and tipped plans to diversify its customer base by leveraging military/aerospace products in the commercial sector.

    Google Pack Scores A Near-Miss... No Linux!

    The world swooned at the Consumer Electronics Show unveiling of Google Pack, an easily installed almost-all-in-one Internet experience. Too bad it suffers from the same maladies as the rest of the One Size Fits All packages:

    LynuxWorks: A case study in combat-ready Linux

    As open source, especially Linux, makes its way into nearly every sector of the economy, one of the final frontiers is the military and aerospace market, where new applications must clear hurdles such as the FAA's rigorous DO-178B certification for aviation software. California-based LynuxWorks, developer of the LynxOS real time operating system and BlueCat Linux embedded distribution, has staked its future on the idea that open source and the military/aerospace market can not only coexist, but thrive together.

    Lynuxworks Launches Series of Nationwide Seminars for Developing ...

    Educational Half-Day Seminar Hosted by LynuxWorks, Arrow Electronics, Objective Interface Systems and Certicom Enables Developers to Understand Technical Issues Involved in Designing a "Secure Embedded System"

    Record-Breaking InFiniBand Performance on Standard MPI Latency Tests Achieved by PathScale InfiniPath Interconnect

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 18 -- PathScale, developer of innovative software and hardware solutions to accelerate the performance and efficiency of Linux? clusters, has announced unprecedented results on industry-standard benchmark tests by its new InfiniPath(TM) cluster interconnect. The InfiniPath HTX(TM) Adapter is a low-latency cluster interconnect for InfiniBand(TM) that plugs into standard HyperTransport technology-based HTX slots on AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based servers. Over 20 leading Linux system vendors around the world have committed to reselling InfiniPath, which is immediately orderable.

    Compiler For AMD's New Dual-Core Processors Offers As Free Trial Download by PathScale

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – PathScale has optimized its EKOPath? Compiler Suite and InfiniPath? low-latency interconnect to provide enhanced support for the new Dual-Core AMD Opteron? processors.

    A free trial download of the compiler is available at http://www.PathScale.com

    Users of Portland Group PGI(R) Compilers Invited to Upgrade

    Users of Portland Group PGI(R) Compilers Invited to Upgrade to the Higher Performance of the PathScale EKOPath(TM) Compiler Suite for FORTRAN, C and C++ PathScale's Award-Winning Compilers Are Well-Known as the World's Fastest 64-Bit x86 Compilers for Linux(R)

    When penguins fly

    Embedded Linux operating system company LynuxWorks says it will have a new product out this summer that promises to make Linux a more viable system for running military-grade real-time applications, such as aircraft control systems.

    Real-time in-memory database gains SQL interface

    McObject has announced the impending release of eXtremeSQL, a high-performance implementation of the popular SQL database programming language for use with eXtremeDB, which is an in-memory database for intelligent Linux devices. According to the company, eXtremeSQL serves the real-time enterprise Linux software market by greatly simplifying database programming.

    Scalable embedded database available on embedded Linux 2.6

    LynuxWorks has announced that Empress Embedded Database is now available for its BlueCat embedded Linux operating system. Empress V8.62 is a multi-platform, highly scalable real-time database, according to LynuxWorks, that targets image and voice management, networking, telecom, military, defense, process control, automotive, and data acquisition.

    Worries Over Military Linux Projects 'Short-Sighted'

    • TechNewsWorld; By Gene J. Koprowski (Posted by dave on Apr 16, 2004 7:13 AM EDT)
    • Groups: LynuxWorks; Story Type: News Story
    The government and military, said Dr. Inder Sing, chairman and CEO of LynuxWorks, are "employing prevention and 'defense in depth' to ensure the highest level of security." In other words, he argued, exploitable flaws are eliminated at each stage of the system design process.

    LynuxWorks CEO, Dr. Inder Singh, Challenges Misrepresentative Claims Regarding Security in the Military; Open Software Standards Key to Enabling Future Level EAL-7 Secure Systems

    Vendors have attempted to thwart Linux(R) through lawsuits and legal actions and, most recently, are fueling the FUD surrounding Linux and the security threat it poses to our nation's defense systems. Open software standards and interfaces remain widely misunderstood and misrepresentative claims by technology companies continue to be the norm, not the exception.

    Using Linux Software in Defense Systems Violates Every Principle of Security Says Green Hills Software's CEO and Founder

    The proliferation of the Linux open source operating system through a growing number of U.S. defense systems poses a serious and urgent security threat, Dan O'Dowd, CEO of Green Hills Software Inc., said today in a speech to the Net-Centric Operations Industry Forum in McLean, Va.

    LynuxWorks Introduces BlueCat Linux 5.0

    LynuxWorks and IBM Driving Linux 2.6 and 64-bit Development in Wide Range of Deeply Embedded Computing Environments

    Embedded Linux implementation targets custom SoCs

    LynuxWorks will demonstrate a version of its BlueCat Linux running on LSI Logic's RapidChip "Platform ASIC" at the Embedded Systems Conference next week in San Francisco. The combination targets communications equipment makers developing custom system-on-chips (SoCs) based on ARM processors running Linux in conjunction with LSI's off-the-shelf cores.

    LynuxWorks to announce Eclipse-based embedded Linux dev tools

    LynuxWorks will unveil Eclipse-based tools for embedded Linux development at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) next week in San Francisco. The company will also demonstrate Linux-based point-of-sale technology developed for a gas station and convenience store, and other embedded Linux technologies.

    CEO Interview: Dr. Inder Singh of LynuxWorks

    "This interview with Dr. Inder Singh, CEO of LynuxWorks, is the second in LinuxDevices.com's CEO/CTO interview series. It addresses the emergence of Linux as a standard the embedded industry can unite around, how LynuxWorks is prepared to respond to copyright infringement cases, real-time performance in the 2.6 kernel, and much more. Enjoy . . . !"

    LynuxWorks Ships BlueCat Linux 5.0

    Industry's First Embedded Linux Product Built upon New Linux 2.6 Kernel

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