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    Writing in Style With LibreOffice

    Making the effort to learn to use the powerful style tools in LibreOffice Writer will save you time in the long run, while freeing you up to concentrate on your writing.

    Data Engine Technologies (DET) Just One Among Many Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls That Pick on Microsoft's Biggest Competitors

    Lawyers' articles/blog posts continue to obscure the fact that Data Engine Technologies is merely a satellite or unit (one among many) of patent trolling giant Acacia Research Corp., connected to Microsoft and sporting a long history of lawsuits against GNU/Linux

    Adding Graphics To LibreOffice when making labels

    • blog.worldlabel.com; By Bruce Byfield (Posted by rossendryv on Oct 9, 2018 11:13 AM EDT)
    • Story Type: ; Groups: OpenOffice.org
    When people think of labels, the first thing that comes to mind is lines of text like addresses or tab markers. But these are just the simplest uses for labels. Photos, greeting cards, business cards, inserts for CD jewel cases

    LibreOffice 6.1 Released With New Colibre Icon Theme, Native Gtk3 Dialogs, Improved EPUB Export

    The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 6.1 today, a release which includes a new icon theme called Colibre, native Gtk3 dialogs (if the Gtk3 backend is used), faster image handling, improved EPUB export, and more.

    Checking out the notebookbar and other improvements in LibreOffice 6.0

    With any new openSUSE release, I am interested in the improvements that the big applications have made. One of these big applications is LibreOffice. Ever since LibreOffice has forked from OpenOffice.org, there has been a constant delivery of new features and new fixes every 6 months. openSUSE Leap 15 brought us the upgrade from LibreOffice 5.3.3 to LibreOffice 6.0.4. In this post, I will highlight the improvements that I found most newsworthy.

    LibreOffice 6.0 Polishes Open-Source Office Productivity Suite

    • eWEEK; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on Feb 5, 2018 7:37 PM EDT)
    • Groups: OpenOffice.org
    Open-Source office suite integrates new capabilities to help export and secure documents and spreadsheets

    AI in Microsoft Office and LibreOffice

    I came across a Microsoft AI video that I thought was interesting and food for thought here.

    Barcelona is moving to Linux; why not Dhaka?

    The Spanish city of Barcelona just announced a few days ago that it will migrate desktops from MS Windows / MS Office to free alternatives. The question is why countries like Bangladesh are not making similar moves.

    Excellent Business Software Alternatives For Linux

    Lots of entrepreneurs worry they won't have access to some of the essential software packages if they make a move to Linux. However, as you will discover throughout this post, there are plenty of similar tools that will cover all the bases.

    LibreOffice 5.4 Adds New Features to Open Source Office Suite

    • eWEEK; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on Aug 8, 2017 10:29 AM EDT)
    • Groups: OpenOffice.org
    LibreOffice is the default standard office suite in many mainstream Linux distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE and Ubuntu. LibreOffice is also available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X as well. LibreOffice includes Writer document, Calc Spreadsheet, Impress Presentation, Base Database and Draw drawing programs as part of the integrated suite.

    Presentations in a browser

    If you've ever given a slide presentation at a conference, you know the drill. Tell the audio-visual people what session your talk is in, then hand them a USB stick with your PowerPoint on it. The presentation has to be in Microsoft PowerPoint because the one and only laptop plugged into the data projector runs Windows and PowerPoint. No LibreOffice Impress, no other presentation software, sorry. Of course, if you do your presenting from your own computer, there are a couple of dozen free and proprietary alternatives to PowerPoint. But you already have a presentation application on your computer! And I mean almost any computer, including the laptop used at that conference. It's called a browser.

    How to build and edit LibreOffice dictionaries

    When writing or editing scientific-type text in LibreOffice Writer, I rely a lot on its spellchecker. Unfortunately, the scientific terms I'd like to check aren't in the default dictionaries behind LibreOffice's spellchecking routine. There are two ways out of this dilemma...

    Ten Years Later, Microsoft Admission on Dirty Tricks and Borderline Corruption Which It Uses to This Day in Order to Suppress GNU/Linux Adoption in Desktops

    Remarkable new admission from the former head of Microsoft Office development, who makes it no secret that the war over file formats (trying to pass off proprietary formats as a ‘standard’) was “a critical competitive moat” (denying the competition access to the desktop)

    6 of the Best LibreOffice Extensions You Should Use

    LibreOffice is already packed with features, and if that is not enough for you, here are some of the best LibreOffice extensions you can use to extend its functionality.

    5 Essential LibreOffice Writer Tips to Improve Your Productivity

    If you are using LibreOffice as your primary office suite, make sure you are using these LibreOffice writer tips to improve your productivity and efficiency.

    Announcing the KDE Advisory Board

    KDE e.V. hereby introduces the KDE e.V. Advisory Board as a means to offer a space for communication between organizations which are allied with KDE, from both the corporate and the non-profit worlds. One of the core goals of the Advisory Board is to provide KDE with insights into the needs of the various organizations that surround us.

    It's time to make LibreOffice and OpenOffice one again

    Let's talk about OpenOffice. More than likely you've already read, countless times, that Apache OpenOffice is near the end. The last stable iteration was 4.1.2 (released October, 2015) and a recent major security flaw took a month to patch. A lack of coders has brought development to a creeping crawl. And then, the worst possible news hit the ether; the project suggested users switch to MS Office (or LibreOffice).

    Rumors of OpenOffice Demise Exaggerated

    Contrary what you may have read elsewhere, OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org/ OOo) is not dead and it's not dying either.

    Redesigning Tor, Goodbye OpenOffice & More…

    Also included: Remembering Vernon Adams, Red Hat vs. VMware, a new distro release, openSUSE Leap and ransomware that deletes files.

    Bruce Byfield Talks ‘Designing With LibreOffice’

    Byfield’s thoughtful book on design using LibreOffice can help improve the quality of both online and print material you create with LibreOffice — or even with its progenitor, OpenOffice.

    Linux Forums Through the Eyes of a New User

    The fact of the matter is, I do not encourage Reglue kids to post in many of the forums. Some of you may remember that in 2007 I almost went to jail for calling someone out on a forum and maybe crossing the the line between civil discourse and threatening to drag him out to the street and whip his…uh, backside. The jerk had brought a 14-year-old girl to tears, calling her an inbred moron and suggesting she ought to wander up to her daddy's still and have a slash with her brother.

    How to create list for LibreOffice Calc cell

    There are many cases when you want to help either yourself or another people with working with the spreadsheet you composed. For example, you want to advise that certain cells can only contain a pre-defined set of values and nothing else. The best way to do so is to give users a drop-down list to choose from.

    Getting LibreOffice to Do the Write Thing

    A number of Reglue Kids began complaining about homework assignments being rejected. Most times they were scolded and told to re-submit the assignment in the proper format…you know, that well known proprietary one. Sometimes students were given a lower grade for not following the submission instructions.

    More Raspberry Pi, Exterminating LibreOffice & More…

    We touched on this last week when we talked about FOSS and health care monitoring, and OpenSource.com has picked up the ball and run with it when it comes to having Benjamin Kerensa talk about how he came to develop Glucosio. It’s an interesting read on the path that led Mr. Kerensa to where he is right now.

    FOSS Hits & Misses on a Monday Morning

    BunsenLabs Linux, a successor to CrunchBang GNU/Linux formed by a group of the CrunchBang’s admins and other adherents when CrunchBang lead developer Philip Newborough decided to move on, is in the starting blocks with its first release candidate now available online.

    The Type of Documentation Open Source Needs

    I used to write manuals, so no doubt I consider documentation more important than most users. But whatever the reason, I am increasingly convinced that if desktop Linux applications are ever going to receive the attention they deserve, they need not only to have documentation, but to have the right sort as well.

    Celebrating 5 years of LibreOffice

    LibreOffice was launched as a fork of OpenOffice.org on September 28, 2010, by a tiny group of people representing the community in their capacity as community project leaders. At the time, forking the office suite was a brave—and necessary—decision, because the open source community did not expect OpenOffice.org to survive for long under Oracle stewardship. read more

    FSF turns 30, Italian Military Goes LO and ODF & More…

    Mark your calendars for Oct. 3. The Free Software Foundation — you know, the guys and gals who continue to tirelessly advocate for “free-as-in-freedom-and-beer” technology — is gearing up for its 30th birthday party. The party will feature an address by FSF founder and president Richard Stallman. You can learn more about the event on the celebration page and the RSVP form is open. If you so desire to use a hashtag on social media (though the FSF has this caveat about social media), knock yourself out with #FSF30.

    Finding Linux & FOSS Where You Least Expect It

    Back in the days when the PC and the Internet were starting to change how work is done in Latin America, I was a project manager in small business finance. Even though I’m an industrial engineer by training, because I’m tech oriented I was asked questions about network security, wireless, storage, what sort of program we could use at the office…stuff like that. My conclusion? We were either going to have to buy expensive software licenses and new hardware or find another way.

    Is Office 365 really cheaper than going open source?

    A Microsoft-commissioned report suggests one organisation could realise huge savings by moving from OpenOffice to Office 365. But how likely are others to see those benefits?

    Hacker proves with Open Data that Microsoft license costs don’t matter

    no, not really. Still this graph is a better starting point to discuss these issues than certain slogans. And also proves something important about Open Data

    Working with Pivot Tables in LibreOffice Calc

    A how-to video showing you details of working with Pivot tables in LibreOffice Calc.

    Who's Afraid of Systemd?

    Last year, the free software community was full of debates about systemd, the system manager that replaces init, the process that boots a Linux system. Now that systemd is uneventfully running the latest releases of major distributions like Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu, you might imagine that opposition to it is melting away -- but you'd be wrong.

    How-to: different headers and footers on even and odd pages in LibreOffice

    Take a book from your shelf and open it. Look at its headers and footers. Do you notice anything? More often than not you would see that odd and even pages have different headers/footers. For example, page numbers can be on the left on odd and on the right on even pages. Can you do the same in LibreOffice Writer? Yes, you can!

    The 7 Best Features in LibreOffice Writer

    Fifteen years after Sun Microsystems released the code for OpenOffice.org, most users still don't know what they have, especially in the text processor Writer. Far from being an inadequate substitute for Microsoft Word, in LibreOffice, the code's latest incarnation, Writer is so far ahead of its rival that there's no competition. You would have to compare Writer with a professional tool like FrameMaker to find a suitable comparison.

    Is OpenOffice Dying?

    In September 2014, rumors were flying that Apache OpenOffice was floundering and might soon merge with OpenOffice. The rumors were denied, but revived in March 2015 when Jonathan Corbett used development activity statistics to show that OpenOffice was seriously short of developers, and had corporate support only from IBM. Now, OpenOffice's most recent report to the Apache Foundation appears to reinforce these previous reports, and then some.

    LibreOffice gets a streamlined makeover, native alternatives for major Microsoft fonts

    The Document foundation announced availability of the latest version of LibreOffice on Thursday, which it says is the most beautiful version of the open source productivity suite yet. LibreOffice 4.4 also fixes some compatibility issues with files that are saved in Microsoft's OOXML formats. "LibreOffice 4.4 has got a lot of UX and design love," Jan "Kendy" Holesovsky, who leads the design team for Libreoffice, said in a statement.

    LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice: Why LibreOffice Wins

    When comparing LibreOffice with OpenOffice, there are eleven clear reasons why LibreOffice is superior.

    On dates and stuffed non-dates

    Nothing gives my wife the Screaming Meemies like dates in spreadsheets. Unless she formats the target cell in advance as text, the spreadsheet will turn a perfectly innocent, non-date string like 23/2/6 into '23-Feb-2006'. When she types 6420-11-3, according to both LibreOffice Calc and Gnumeric, she really meant 3 November 6420. And nothing she can do will persuade the spreadsheet to re-format '23-Feb-2006' as 23/2/6. Once a date, always a date. Our house regularly echoes with "I HATE spreadsheets!". But there are workarounds...

    LibreOffice at 4: How the OpenOffice Fork is Forging Ahead

    • eWEEK; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on Oct 7, 2014 6:08 AM EDT)
    • Story Type: Video; Groups: OpenOffice.org
    VIDEO: Italo Vignoli, a director at the Document Foundation, discusses how the open-source LibreOffice Suite has evolved over the last four years.

    Siego Throws Flame, Office Suite Kumbaya & OS Face Off

    Wearing your fireproof underwear? KDE's Aaron Seigo - never one to shy away from saying what he thinks - lit into community managers in a Google+ post on Monday, calling the community manager role in free/open source software projects “a fraud and a farce.”

    Five Free office suites for Linux

    In today's open source roundup: Five free office suites for Linux. Plus: Disproving outdated myths about Linux, and Linux Journal looks at the Anker desktop charger.

    After a 10-year Linux migration, Munich considers switching back to Windows and Office

    For the past decade, Munich has been the poster child for open-source advocates, who pointed to its successful migration from a Microsoft platform to one built on Linux and OpenOffice. Now, a newly elected government has called in experts to see whether it's time to switch back.

    LibreOffice makes its case as open source alternative to MS Office

    After a headline lull, LibreOffice on Wednesday renewed its drive to replace Microsoft Office with the newest version of its open source suite of applications.

    UK makes ODF its official documents format standard

    Turning its back on Microsoft Office's native formats, the UK government has adopted the Open Document Format for all its sharable documents.

    3 open source tools to make your presentations pop

    Love them or hate them, presentations are a major part of life in both academia and business. Traditionally, creating a presentation meant using Microsoft's PowerPoint, but Apple's Keynote and LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org's Impress are solid alternatives. The problem with all those applications (aside from the closed source nature of the first two) is that you need those applications installed in order to view the presentations you've created. You can try your luck opening the file in Google Drive or the like, but your success will vary.

    ODT to TXT, but keep the line numbering

    The title explains what this article is about. If you save an .odt file as text, or copy/paste the contents as a text file, or run odt2txt or the unoconv utility, you lose the apparent line structure of the original, and with it the line numbering. But there is a way...

    Shipping the LibreOffice HiDPI Patches, or How I Learned to Love Heartbleed

    I wrote my story about getting writing some HiDPI patches into LibreOffice, but it was an unfinished one because while the code had gotten accepted into the main Master branch, there was a lot remaining.

    Document Liberation… And justice for all

    Ever been in a situation when no maintained software reads your old files?

    Breaking Microsoft’s Chains by Moving to LibreOffice

    Anyone still using MS Office should consider the advantages of moving to LibreOffice. For most single computer users, the move can be made with ease. When multiple computers and users are involved, as would be the case with most businesses, migration must be handled with care. However, any effort in this direction would quickly pay for itself in reduced licensing fees to Microsoft.

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