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    How to Build a Hacking Station with Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux

    Learn how you can build a hacking station with Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux and use it to identify security vulnerabilities in your smart home system.

    Raspberry Pi Zero W based LoRaWAN gateway sells for $99

    RAK Wireless’ $99 “RAK7246 LoRAWAN Developer Gateway” runs a Raspbian LoRa stack on a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a RAK2246 Pi HAT for 8x uplink channels and a single downlink. A $114 RAK7246G model adds GPS. RAK Wireless has introduced a cheaper alternative to its Raspberry Pi 4-based RAK7244 LoRaWAN Developer Gateway. The RAK7246 […]

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Retro Gaming – Week 17

    For this week, I’m going to look at a few retro games, all nestling in Raspbian’s repositories. While its quad-core BCM2711 system-on-chip has more powerful processing cores, and the first upgrade to the graphics processor in the project’s history, it’s important to be realistic with expectations about the RPI4’s gaming potential.

    Canonical Makes It Easier to Download Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi

    Canonical’s Design and Web team have recently updated the official Ubuntu website to make it easier for users to find the right Ubuntu image for their tiny Raspberry Pi computers.

    New features for Raspberry Pi, Wireguard in the Linux kernel, NSA Python course and more open source news

    In this edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at new features for Raspbian, Wireguard and Linux kernel, free Python course from the NSA and more! read more

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Screen Capture – Week 16

    For this week’s blog, I turn to a desktop activity that I use fairly frequently. It’s screen capturing – offering the ability to share images on my computer screen with a colleague or friend. Recording a video or screencast might be snazzier, but a still-image screen capture, known as a screenshot, is often all I need to get the message across.

    Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi Adds Multi-Monitor Improvements, More

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new version of their Debian-based Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi computers, adding various improvements and updated components.

    aspEX OS Gets New Release with Better Raspberry Pi 3 Support

    Arne Exton released today a new stable build of his Debian-based RaspEX Kodi operating system for Raspberry Pi devices with improved support for Raspberry Pi 3 and 3+ boards.

    Fan-cooled Raspberry Pi enclosure supplies screw terminals for GPIOs

    Pi-oT Hardware has launched a $35 “MKR Module” enclosure for the Raspberry Pi that routes unused GPIO pins to screw terminals. There’s also a fan, a breadboard, and circuit protection. Last August, Cleveland-based Pi-oT Hardware successfully launched a Pi-oT add-on board and enclosure for the Raspberry Pi featuring 5x relays, 8x ADCs, and power inputs. […]

    AA battery board for the Raspberry Pi Zero offers two-hour mobility

    Gumstix has launched a $50 “Gumstix Raspberry Pi Zero Battery IMU” board for the RPi Zero or Zero W with a holder for two AA batteries that can be recharged through the Zero plus a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. Gumstix has added to its line of Raspberry Pi add-on boards such as its Stepper HAT […]

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Emulate Home Computers – Week 15

    A glaring omission from my RPI4 blog to date is gaming on this wee machine. There’s so many games to play on the machine, it’s difficult to know where to begin. I’ll start with something that shouldn’t be taxing on the machine. Emulating home computers. Specifically, the Amiga, ZX Spectrum, and Atari ST. They were hugely popular home computers targeted heavily towards games, but also ran other types of software.

    Indian teen launches Raspberry Pi 4 based STEM kit

    On Kickstarter: a “Sania Box Embedded Computer Kit” for STEM education developed by 13-year old Sania Jain that combines a Raspberry Pi 4 with a kid-friendly, sensor-equipped add-on board and Python coding lessons. Despite continual efforts by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to remind us, it’s easy to forget that the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi was launched […]

    Create a real-time object tracking camera with TensorFlow and Raspberry Pi

    Are you just getting started with machine/deep learning, TensorFlow, or Raspberry Pi? I created rpi-deep-pantilt as an interactive demo of object detection in the wild, and in this article,?I'll show you how to reproduce the video below, which depicts a camera panning and tilting to track my movement across a room.

    Raspberry Pi Is Getting Vulkan Support

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced today that it has started working on implementing support for the open-source Vulkan graphics API for their Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

    Managing processes on Linux with kill and killall

    In Linux, every program and daemon is a "process." Most processes represent a single running program. Other programs can fork off other processes, such as processes to listen for certain things to happen and then respond to them. And each process requires a certain amount of memory and processing power. The more processes you have running, the more memory and CPU cycles you'll need. On older systems, like my seven-year-old laptop, or smaller computers, like the Raspberry Pi, you can get the most out of your system if you keep an eye on what processes you have running in the background. read more

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Memory Usage – Week 14

    There are 3 models of the Raspberry Pi 4 (RPI4) available. They are identical except for the amount of RAM onboard; choose from 1GB of RAM, 2 GB of RAM, or 4GB of RAM. There’s no way of upgrading the RAM once a user has made their purchase. So it’s pretty important to choose the model that best fits your requirements, or you may end up spending more than necessary, or even need to buy extra RPI4’s. For this week’s blog, I’m seeking to provide information that’ll help you determine which model of the RPI4 to get.

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Screencasting – Week 13

    Given the multimedia strengths of the RPI4, I’ve spent a few weeks covering video streaming, then examining the viability of the RPI4 to play locally stored video, before turning to examining the RPI4 as a home theater. Continuing this theme, for this week’s blog I look at the RPI4 as a screencaster.

    Cloud-based test farm lets you check out edge AI software on Linux dev boards

    F?CAL is a profiling and automated test farm platform based on Docker and LTTng for testing Linux edge AI software on the BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Jetson, Up Squared, and Google Coral. A venture-backed startup called F?CAL has launched a cloud-based test farm of the same name designed for hardware/software codesign of Linux-based edge AI and […]

    4 of the Best Operating Systems for Raspberry Pi

    The Raspberry Pi allows you to install all kinds of OSes on it for a wide range of purposes. Here are some of the best operating systems for Raspberry Pi.

    How to Install Java on Raspberry Pi

    Java is one of the most popular programming languages used to build different kinds of applications and systems. This guide explains how to install Java (OpenJDK) on Raspberry Pi with the latest Raspbian OS running on it.

    How to Install Git on Raspberry Pi

    Git is a distributed version control system that’s being used by most software teams today. It allows you to keep track of your code changes, revert to previous stages, create branches, and to collaborate with your fellow developers. This tutorial explains how to install Git on Raspberry Pi.

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Home Theater – Week 11

    This is a weekly blog about the Raspberry Pi 4 (“RPI4”), the latest product in the popular Raspberry Pi range of computers. In this week's blog, we put Kodi through its paces on the RPI4. Kodi is free, open-source software for managing your local collection of movies, television shows, music, and photos. It’s the finest free home theater software available, although it’s interface isn’t the most intuitive. It can even play games.

    Raspberry Pi 4 thin client optimized for Citrix HDX

    NComputing has launched a Citrix HDX optimized “RX420(HDX)” thin client that runs Stratodesk’s Linux-based NoTouch OS on the Raspberry Pi 4. The 2GB RAM equipped device supports dual 4K@30Hz displays without requiring the earlier RPi Zero-based add-on. Following up on its earlier Raspberry Pi 3-based RX-HDX thin client, which we covered in 2017, and a […]

    Raspberry Pi 4 based robot targets manipulation and service tasks

    Pollen Robotics is launching a modular, open source “Reachy” robot that runs Raspbian and Luos on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Google’s Coral AI Accelerator. The torso-like bot has one or two articulated, 7-DoF arms with pincers and a ball-joint head with dual cams. French robotics firm Pollen Robotics has opened limited pre-orders for an […]

    How piwheels will save Raspberry Pi users time in 2020

    Piwheels automates building Python wheels (pre-compiled Python packages) for all of the projects on PyPI, the Python Package Index, using Raspberry Pi hardware to ensure compatibility. This means that when a Raspberry Pi user wants to install a Python library using pip, they get a ready-made compiled version that's guaranteed to work on the Raspberry Pi. This makes it much easier for Raspberry Pi users to dive in and get started with their projects.

    My Raspberry Pi retrospective: 6 projects and more

    Historically and theoretically speaking, a decade, a century, or a millennium starts when the clock turns midnight on January 1 of the year one of its decimal order. For example, the 20th century started on January 1, 1901, not on January 1, 1900. The reason for this is simple: there is no year 0 in our modern calendar, so these periods of time start on year 1 (using the Gregorian calendar). But that's not how we refer to time periods colloquially and culturally; for example, when we mention '80s music or movies, we're talking about the period from 1980 to 1989. read more

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Watching Video – Week 10

    For this week's blog, I’m looking at straightforward video playback from locally stored media. Does the RPI4 have sufficient grunt to be a capable video player?

    Top 10 Raspberry Pi articles of 2019

    • Opensource.com; By Joshua Allen Holm (Posted by bob on Dec 27, 2019 1:22 AM EDT)
    • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Raspberry Pi
    Since its introduction, the Raspberry Pi has been one of the hottest topics on?Opensource.com. This trend continued in 2019 with an impressive list of over 30 articles about various Raspberry Pi projects. The top 10 articles are covered below, but if you are a true Raspberry Pi aficionado, I encourage you to check out out our entire selection of Raspberry Pi articles.

    Raspberry Pi 4 based LoRaWAN gateway has GPS and optional LTE

    RAK has launched a $212 and up “RAK7244 LoRaWAN Developer Gateway” with a Raspberry Pi 4, a LoRa and GPS enabled RAK2245 Pi HAT, and an optional RAK2013 Cellular Pi HAT with a Quectel EG95 LTE CAT4 module. RAK Wireless’ latest gateway for low-power, long distance LoRa communications offers optional LTE. The RAK7244 LoRaWAN Developer […]

    Alpine Linux 3.11 Released with Linux Kernel 5.4 and Raspberry Pi 4 Support

    Alpine Linux creator Natanael Copa announced today the availability of Alpine Linux 3.11.0, a major update that brings numerous new features, improvements, updated components, and lots of bug and security fixes.

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Viewing PDFs – Week 9

    For this week’s blog, I’m putting the Raspberry Pi 4 through its paces as a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files. I look at the pre-installed solutions including qpdfview, comparing them to the many other PDF viewers in the Raspbian repositories.

    Raspberry Pi CM3 dev board breaks through with $38 price

    Waveshare’s $38 “Compute Module PoE Board” extends the Raspberry Pi CM3 with a PoE-enabled 10/100 LAN port, 4x USB, HDMI, MIPI-DSI and -CSI, 40-pin GPIO, and an optional case. We’ve seen a variety of embedded systems based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, including IoT gateways such as CompuLab’s IOT-GATE-RPi and automation controllers like […]

    Revamp your old Linux desktop with Joes Window Manager

    Joe's Window Manager (JWM for short) is a lightweight window manager for X11. It's written in C, minimally using Xlib. Because it's so small and simple, JWM makes a great window manager for slow or old computers. The Raspberry Pi barely registers that JWM is running, leaving precious system resources for more important tasks than the desktop.

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Remote Desktop – Week 8

    I’ve received a few requests to see how the RPI4 fares as a remote desktop client. I can see this could make sense. The RPI4 offers dual monitor support. It should have sufficient CPU and GPU resources to act as a functional remote desktop, particularly when connecting to servers that have better system resources.

    SATA HATs support up to four drives on Raspberry Pi 4 or Rock Pi 4

    Radxa’s Dual ($25) and Quad ($35) SATA HATs work on the Raspberry Pi 4 or Rock Pi 4 at up to 400 MB/s via USB 3.0. There’s also a faster, 800 MB/s $49 “Penta SATA HAT” for the Rock Pi 4 that uses PCIe to support 5x drives. You can find a few SATA HATs […]

    Canonical Releases Updated Ubuntu Images for All Supported Raspberry Pi Boards

    Canonical released today updated Ubuntu images for all supported Raspberry Pi single board computers with out-of-the-box USB ports functionality and various bug fixes.

    Destination Linux 150 - Librem 5, Zorin OS, Private Internet Access, UBports, Fedora, Bitwarden

    ZorinOS Privacy Concerns Ubuntu Touch Runs On Raspberry Pi Librem 5 Birch Has Shipped Fedora Users Concerned GNOME Software Proprietary Software Linux Powered Handheld Returns

    How to Install Xrdp Server (Remote Desktop) on Raspberry Pi

    With RDP, you can log in to a Raspberry Pi box from another computer running Windows, Linux or macOS, and create a real desktop session the same as if you had logged in to a local computer. The Pi and the client machine have to be connected to the same network or to the Internet.

    Grove Sensors For Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi is a great invention that ever happened. The little $35 computer can be used to build from a cam kit to the future of kids in rural India. To learn more about what this little device can do or has done, read this article I wrote a while back.

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – e-book Tools – Week 7

    This week’s Raspberry Pi 4 blog focuses on excellent free and open source e-book software that runs on this single-board computer.

    PinePhone goes on sale for $150 and Ubuntu Touch ports to the Pi

    Pine64’s open source PinePhone has launched at $150 for a developer’s edition. The smartphone is supported by UBports’ Ubuntu Touch, which also now works on a Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen as well as an AOSP-based “Volla Phone,” now on Kickstarter. Linux-based phones that don’t use Google’s Android have had a rough go of it […]

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Office Software – Week 6

    The last couple of weeks I’ve looked at whether the RPI4 is capable of two absolutely essential desktop activities: web browsing and email. I was impressed by the wee device in this regard. This week I’m summarizing my experiences of another fundamental desktop activity: running an office suite.

    You Can Now Turn a Raspberry Pi 4 SBC into an Edge Gateway with Ubuntu 19.10

    Canonical has published a tutorial on how to turn a Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer into an Edge Gateway with the latest Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) operating system.

    LibreELEC 9.2 Embedded Linux OS Brings Raspberry Pi 4 Improvements, Kodi 18.5

    The LibreELEC community announced the release and general availability of LibreELEC 9.2, the first major update in the latest LibreELEC 9 series that adds various improvements and updated components.

    Ubuntu Touch Can Now Run on Raspberry Pi 3 with the Official 7" Touch Screen LCD

    UBports, the makers of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system published a weekly update on their development progress to bring Ubuntu Touch to more devices.

    Specs teased for camera-focused S3-OLinuXino SBC

    Olimex has asked for public comment on preliminary specs for an Allwinner S3-based “S3-OLinuXino” IP camera board with PoE support, onboard WiFi, and dual MIPI-CSI interfaces, one of which supports Raspberry Pi cams. Olimex has published basic specs and a request for public comment on WordPress — and has posted schematics on GitHub — for […]

    All-in-one 23.8-inch thin client integrates SDM-L computer

    Clientron’s “TC-238 AIO Thin Client” has a 23.8-inch display and an Atom x5-E38000 SoC implemented via Intel’s SDM-Large form factor. Triple simultaneous displays are available thanks to DVI-D and 4K-ready DP ports. Thin client vendor Clientron, which last year released an S-Cube Pi 3 B+ Thin Client built around the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, has […]

    Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Email – Week 5

    Last week’s blog looked at whether the RPI4 cuts the mustard as a desktop web browser. It does although with a few reservations. This week’s blog focuses on another absolutely essential desktop activity. Managing your email.

    PyRadio: An open source alternative for internet radio

    PyRadio is a convenient, open source, command-line application for playing any radio station that has a streaming link. And in 2019, almost every radio station (certainly, every one that has a web presence) has a way to listen online. Using the free PyRadio program, you can add, edit, play and switch between your own selected list of streaming radio stations. It is a command-line tool for Linux that can run on many computers, including Macintosh and tiny computers like Raspberry Pi.

    PinePhone Pre-Orders, AMD, openSUSE, Ubuntu, elementary, Steam, Edge, Stadia | This Week in Linux 87

    PinePhone Pre-Orders, AMD Announces Latest Threadripper & Ryzen CPUs, openSUSE on Name Change, Ubuntu, elementary OS, Steam Containers / Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Edge, Google Stadia, Chrome OS, & more

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