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    Open Invention Network open-source, non-aggression patents now covers Android and exFAT.

    Open source's main patent protection organization is expanding its reach far beyond just Linux.

    Supreme Court takes on Google vs. Oracle: The biggest software development case ever

    More than a decade in the marking the Supreme Court may finally decide if application programming interfaces (APIs) can be copyrighted. If the court decides they are, everything you know about making programs will change for the worse.

    Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) is Still Monitoring the Attacks on Software Freedom

    Richard Stallman (RMS) is exploring new ways to deal with new threats to software freedom, even if it's done mostly behind the scenes (dodging those hyenas who defamed him 'out of office' at MIT)

    Is it time to revise the Open Source Definition?

    The Open Source Definition (OSD), maintained by the Open Source Initiative (OSI), is a foundational pillar of the open source movement. The OSI's view is that software validly labeled "open source" must be made available in a manner that satisfies the 10 criteria set forth in the OSD, all but one of which pertain to licensing terms.

    Fair Code vs Open Source, Which Wins The Future?

    Fair code is a new software development model which aims to replace the long-ruling open source model.

    How open source legal teams can get to yes

    As I shared in the first part of this two-part series, I am an open source lawyer for Red Hat. One important part of my job is to provide information to other companies, including their in-house counsel, about how Red Hat builds enterprise-class products with a completely open source development model and to answer their questions about open source licensing in general.

    Google open sources trademarks with the Open Usage Commons

    In a somewhat confusing move, Google is placing three of its open-source projects' trademarks under its new Open Usage Commons.

    Making compliance scalable in a container world

    Software is increasingly being distributed as container images. Container images include the many software components needed to support the featured software in the container. We should design source code availability into container tools and processes to facilitate open source license compliance that is efficient and portable:

    All About CLAs and DCOs

    Developers almost never have anything good to say about Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) or Developer Certificates of Origin (DCOs), but we're stuck with them anyway, so it helps to understand why they exist and what the differences are between them.

    Should API-restricting licenses qualify as open source?

    In its 2014 Oracle v. Google decision, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit held that the method declarations and "structure, sequence, and organization" (SSO) of the Java SE API were protected by copyright.

    FLOSS Weekly 582: Open Source Initiative

    Doc Searls talks with Simon Phipps and the president of OSI, Joshua R. Simmons. They discuss the past, present, and future of OSI and how this global non-profit has advanced in the past twenty years as well as how they continue to raise awareness and adoption of open-source software.

    Weakening GNU/Linux by Disempowering Its Leaders and Founders, Replacing Them With Microsoft Employees and GNU/Linux-Hostile Moles

    The coup to remove (or remove power from) Stallman and Torvalds, the GNU and Linux founders respectively, is followed by outsourcing of their work to Microsoft’s newly-acquired monopoly (GitHub) and appointment of Microsoft workers or Microsoft-friendly people, shoehorning them into top roles under the disingenuous guise of "professionalism"

    What It Would Take for Linus Torvalds to Leave Linux Foundation Without the Linux Trademark and Without Linux

    It’s nice to think that the founder of Linux can just take his project and walk away, moving elsewhere, i.e. away from the Microsoft-employed executives who now “boss” him; but it’s not that simple anymore

    GitHug – A Guest Article by Thomas Grzybowski

    Now, if Azure revenue has increased 72%, but the gross revenue in this category has only increased 25%, that means that the other components, primary GitHub, are actually a substantial negative.

    Huawei changes its patent story

    By opening up its massive patent portfolio to Linux and open-source companies via the Open Invention Network, Huawei shows just how important open patents are to software development. It's also an intellectual property peace offering to the US government and businesses.

    LOT Network is a One-Man (Millionaire's) Operation and Why This Should Alarm You

    The ugly story of Open Invention Network (OIN) and LOT; today we take a closer look at LOT and highlight a pattern of 'cross-pollination' (people in both OIN and LOT, even at the same time)

    Antitrust Regulators Turn Attention to Standards Organizations

    We're used to thinking of standards organizations and open source projects as being societally beneficial - and they are. But they're also places where head to head competitors agree to so things the same way, and the regulators are watching.

    Some good coronavirus news: Monster Google-Oracle API copyright battle on hold as bio-nasty shuts Supremes

    Tesla Delaware lawsuit also delayed. The ten-year monster battle between Google and Oracle over the use of Java APIs will be delayed until further notice – after the US Supreme Court announced it was suspending oral arguments over coronavirus fears.…

    Why Source Code Scanning Tools are Essential to Open Source Compliance

    Merging code in open source software is easy. Just grab and add, right? Well, no. If you don't pay attention to what license each inclusion is offered under, the users of your software may end up with a disaster on their hands. Happily, there are free tools available to help you avoid just that.

    Open source licenses: What, which, and why

    Most people have at least heard of open source software by now—and even have a fairly good idea of what it is. Learn what open source licenses are, which one to choose, and why it matters.

    Is open source software licensing broken?

    Practices and expectations that one may have developed in working with conventional software licensing may lead to frustration when confronting open source software. The modest request, "Please, just show me the license" may be met with an unsatisfying response. While sometimes the response is very simple, often, the license information for open source software is more complicated and does not match the expectations set by conventional software licensing.

    Antitrust Laws and Open Collaboration

    The classic way for companies to violate the antitrust laws is to get together and agree to all do something the same way. Happily, the regulators understand that creating open standards and open source is a good thing. But you still have to keep the rules in mind if you want to stay on the right side of the line.

    The Supreme Court will decide software developments future in Google v. Oracle

    The final steps are being made in the Google v. Oracle copyright case, which will put the fate of programming in the hands of the Supreme Court.

    Free Software is Being Abandoned by Opponents of Software Patents and It's Being Attacked by Patent Trolls

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is rotting away as an advocate against software patents; Patents on algorithms are still being granted (even when courts repeatedly reject these) and Red Hat’s Chief Patent Counsel remains Manny Schecter, one of the loudest proponents of such patents (citing the likes of Adam Mossoff this week, in effect Koch operatives); this is a very big problem because Free software projects come under a barrage of lawsuits, using patents like those IBM lobbies ferociously to legitimise

    Guest Post: Free Software is About Software Ownership

    Free software” is a confusing name/term. The “free” here means freedom. So it is freedom software. But to exercise freedom you need something more. What is that? You have to own the software. Therefore, free software is about ownership of software.

    Microsoft's Proprietary Software That Spies on Everyone 'Does an AWS' on Free Software

    Microsoft keeps buying ad space in magazines, compromising their integrity and tarnishing brands such as "Linux" (making it look like merely a component available with Vista 10)

    The Supreme Court will decide software developments future in Google v. Oracle

    The final steps are being made in the Google v. Oracle copyright case, which will put the fate of programming in the hands of the Supreme Court.

    Reusing software 'interfaces' is fine, Google tells Supreme Court. Think of the devs

    You wouldn't want to 'upend ... the computer software industry'. Google last night strode into the last-chance saloon of the US Supreme Court, warning judges (PDF) that if they did not overturn a Federal Circuit ruling in Oracle's favour over its use of Java code in the Android mobile operating system, this could "upend ... the computer software industry."…

    Cops storm Nginx's Moscow offices after a Russian biz claims it owns world's most widely used web server, not F5

    Rambler claims code creator was working for them at the time and so they own tech worth $700m. Nginx's Moscow office was raided today by police after the ownership of the popular web server's source code was disputed.…

    Software Freedom and The U.S. Constitution

    We need to stand for the freedom to not use the software — we need to enjoy that freedom without giving up the rest of the existing Free software ecosystem.

    You Know WSL is Bad for GNU/Linux Because Anti-Linux People, Microsoft and Its Propagandists, Want People to Use That

    Microsoft and its boosters (and media partners) haven’t grown tired of spreading falsehoods to stigmatise and take control of GNU/Linux by creating their own versions and traps for it

    5 Years Ago the Linux Foundation Turned Linux.com Into a Non-Linux Site

    The Winux Foundation: One can leverage the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to better understand how, over time, the Foundation called “Linux” deviated or diverged away from its mission statement for the sole purpose of raising corporate funds and selling influence to corporations (passing the community’s hard work to them — a form of tacit privatisation)

    Four More Freedoms? Free Software Force Ponders Those and More

    I would be willing to contribute to a project that creates a second tier, or "Four More Freedoms" but I have to ask: what freedoms do we need that we don't have?

    Microsoft and IBM Are the Patent Trolls, They Won’t Protect Us From Trolls

    IBM has long cross-licensed with Microsoft. This means they won’t sue one another over patents. Good for them, eh? Shared monopoly. No wonder Red Hat nowadays promotes Microsoft things almost every day. Now that IBM owns Red Hat (and all of its patents) IBM won’t care about Microsoft’s ongoing — even in 2019 — blackmail of OEMs that ship GNU/Linux.

    Open Invention Network teams up with IBM, Linux Foundation, and Microsoft to protect open-source software from patent trolls

    Together, they'll support Unified Patents' Open Source Zone. This move will deter patent trolls from suing for fear they'll find their patents annulled.

    The Open Invention Network Has Become a Guard Dog of (Some) Patent Trolls and It Misrepresents Us Under the Guise of ‘Open Source’

    The Open Invention Network (OIN), in collaboration with Fraunh?fer, is promoting software patents and all sorts of other nonsense as part of ‘open’ standards in a new paper sponsored by the EU and edited by the former EPO Chief Economist Nikolaus Thumm (not Battistelli's choice); this is another reminder of the fact that OIN misrepresents Free/Open Source software (FOSS) developers and their interests

    Microsoft's Abduction of the Voice of Its Opposition Highlights the Urgency of the Movement/Campaign to Delete GitHub

    Microsoft understands that by entrapping FOSS and GNU/Linux inside proprietary software platforms like GitHub and Azure it can utilise the false perception that it somehow speaks on behalf of both (whilst attacking both)

    Hell hath GNOME fury: Linux desktop org swings ax at patent troll's infringement claim

    Rather than settle and make pain just go away, project wants to send a message instead. After being hit with a patent-infringement lawsuit last month, the GNOME Foundation has fired back with a counterclaim – and urged the courts to dismiss the case.…

    The Slow Death of Technical Media

    Those who work for corporate publishers, e.g. SJVN (Vaughan-Nichols) and Swapnil, aren't loyal to facts as much as they're loyal to their employers, very rich and well-connected people with an agenda deeply hostile towards Software Freedom

    Somehow Microsoft is Always Everywhere Linux Gets Attacked by Lawsuits and Antitrust Actions

    Patent trolls with Intellectual Ventures (IV) ties won’t do Microsoft with its “Microsoft loves Linux” PR campaign any favours, especially now that these trolls are preying on GNU/Linux in the courtroom

    Leave GNOME alone: This patent troll is asking for trouble

    Sure, anyone can sue anyone, but winning this intellectual property lawsuit against the GNOME Foundation, a leading open-source and Linux non-profit group, will be a heck of a challenge.

    Fairytale for 2019: GNOME to battle a patent troll in court

    Linux darling faces the lawyers over Shotwell shenanigans. The GNOME Foundation, maker of the eponymous Linux desktop, has been hit with a sueball over how its Shotwell photo manager, er, manages photos.…

    GNOME Foundation is Being Sued By Patent Troll Over Shotwell Photo Manager

    The GNOME Foundation is facing a lawsuit from Rothschild Patent Imaging, LLC. Patent troll Rothschild allege that Shotwell photo manager infringes its patent.

    Latest Software Patent Lawsuit Against GNU/Linux (GNOME) is Connected to Microsoft

    Armed by the biggest patent troll of Microsoft, Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC not only threatens but also sues Free software that's part of standard GNU/Linux desktops

    The Corporate Linux Foundation as Agent of Microsoft and Other Serial GPL Violators

    The Linux Foundation does a disservice to those whom it claims to speak for and represent; unless of course the Linux Foundation is the trade group whose goal is to outsource Linux to the foes of Linux

    Microsoft Targets GNU/Linux Advocates With Phony Charm Offensives and Fake ‘Love’

    The ways Microsoft depresses GNU/Linux advocacy and discourages enthusiasm for Software Freedom is not hard to see; it’s worth considering and understanding some of these tactics (mostly assimilation-centric and love-themed), which can otherwise go unnoticed

    A Closer Look at the 'Trojan Horse' That is exFAT Inside Linux

    Microsoft and its boosters (media insiders) spread the illusion that Microsoft is “opening up”; the reality, however, is that it’s looking to tighten control over Linux while at the same time profiting from exFAT patents owing to back room deals

    Microsoft Wants Linux to Use exFAT for the Same Reasons it Wants Everybody to Use OOXML

    Contrary to what Microsoft-dominated media is trying to tell us, Linux does not need exFAT and by adopting exFAT Linux would become more closely connected to and tightly controlled by Microsoft

    Outsourcing to Microsoft and Openwashing as a Service (OaaS): This is the Linux Foundation in 2019

    The concept of "Open" at the Linux Foundation gives room for thought; are things really being opened or mostly marketed as "Open" and, if so, is the Foundation more like a marketing agency?

    Guarding and Rescuing the FSF Titanic: There is More Than One Iceberg Ahead

    This strategy is not far from when Microsoft talked about “de-commoditizing protocols” in the late 90s, as part of their plans to control, dominate, and end Open Source and Free software.

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