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    Linux-driven ADAS computer features 6x FAKRA cameras

    • LinuxGizmos.com; By Eric Brown (Posted by bob on Feb 20, 2020 8:44 PM EDT)
    • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux, Mobile
    VIA’s rugged “VIA Mobile360 M810” in-vehicle computer runs Linux on a Snapdragon 820E and offers 6x FAKRA camera ports plus software for ADAS, driver monitoring, surround view, and DVR. Taiwan-based VIA Technologies, which appears to be increasingly focused on automotive and other vision processing applications, has launched an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) computer primarily […]

    How to Install Flarum Forum with Nginx and LE SSL on CentOS 8

    Flarum is a free, open-source and next-generation forum software that makes it easier for you to start and grow a successful online community. It is simple, lightweight, fast and mobile-friendly software based on PHP.

    This Week in Linux 92: Linux 5.5, Solus, Kali, Tails, elementary, Red Hat, Pine64, Laptops

    DLN Xtend, Linux Kernel 5.5, Solus 4.1, Tails 4.2, Kali Linux, elementary OS, Sudo Bug, Pine64 HardROCK64, PinePhone, Canonical Anbox Cloud, Kdenlive, RawTherapee, Kubuntu Focus, WINE, Proton & more

    Develop GUI apps using Flutter on Fedora

    When it comes to app development frameworks, Flutter is the latest and greatest. Google seems to be planning to take over the entire GUI app development world with Flutter, starting with mobile devices, which are already perfectly supported. Flutter allows you to develop cross-platform GUI apps for multiple targets — mobile, web, and desktop — […]

    Reusing software 'interfaces' is fine, Google tells Supreme Court. Think of the devs

    You wouldn't want to 'upend ... the computer software industry'. Google last night strode into the last-chance saloon of the US Supreme Court, warning judges (PDF) that if they did not overturn a Federal Circuit ruling in Oracle's favour over its use of Java code in the Android mobile operating system, this could "upend ... the computer software industry."…

    Why you need to know about Seeed hardware devices

    • Opensource.com (Posted by bob on Dec 13, 2019 2:33 PM EDT)
    • Groups: Mobile; Story Type: News Story
    The microcontroller craze doesn't seem to be dying down—and that's a good thing because these products consistently succeed where the mobile market consistently fails: Users get open software and hardware, a portable form factor, and a wide choice of vendors and products that are built to last. read more

    Destination Linux 150 - Librem 5, Zorin OS, Private Internet Access, UBports, Fedora, Bitwarden

    ZorinOS Privacy Concerns Ubuntu Touch Runs On Raspberry Pi Librem 5 Birch Has Shipped Fedora Users Concerned GNOME Software Proprietary Software Linux Powered Handheld Returns

    Purism Announces "Made in USA" Librem 5 Linux Phone, Now Available for Pre-Order

    Purism announced today that it has started manufacturing a special version of their Librem 5 Linux-powered smartphone that's being built in the US to address supply chain security concerns.

    News from Firefox on Mobile, Private Network and Desktop

    As the year comes to a close, we look back at what we’ve accomplished. As recently noted in the press, this year may be the mark of our privacy-renaissance. We’ve built additional privacy protections in the browser which included blocking third party tracking cookies and cryptomining by default and created an easy-to-view report which shows the trackers that follow you and collect your online browsing habits and interests.

    Calculator N+ is an open source scientific calculator for your smartphone

    • Opensource.com; By Ricardo Berlasso (Posted by bob on Nov 27, 2019 8:12 AM EDT)
    • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Android, Mobile
    Mobile phones are becoming more powerful every day, so it is no surprise that they can beat most computers from the not-so-distant past. This also means the tools available on them are getting more powerful every day.

    scrcpy 1.11 Available For Download (View And Control Your Android Phone From A Linux, Windows Or macOS Desktop)

    scrcpy, a tool to control (and show) Android devices from a Linux, macOS or Windows desktop, was updated to version 1.11. This release includes support for touchscreens / multitouch, an option to set the initial window size and position (including support for launching scrcpy with a borderless window), along with other changes and some important bug fixes.

    PinePhone Pre-Orders, AMD, openSUSE, Ubuntu, elementary, Steam, Edge, Stadia | This Week in Linux 87

    PinePhone Pre-Orders, AMD Announces Latest Threadripper & Ryzen CPUs, openSUSE on Name Change, Ubuntu, elementary OS, Steam Containers / Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Edge, Google Stadia, Chrome OS, & more

    5 open source plugins for Flutter apps

    Flutter is the newest addition to Google's programming cadre. Following the success of Android, Kotlin, and Golang, Flutter was created as a cross-platform application development language. It is primarily based on the Dart programming construct and is considered to be the next big programming paradigm because its code can run as a mobile app, a web app, and even a desktop app without any major changes. read more

    Apps Update for November

    The big release this month has been LabPlot 2.7. LabPlot is fast becoming one of KDE's highest profile apps. It is an application for interactive graphing and analysis of scientific data. LabPlot provides an easy way to create, manage and edit plots. It allows you to produce plots based on data from a spreadsheet or on data imported from external files. Plots can be exported to several pixmap and vector graphic formats.

    Top opensource Android apps

    Since my transition to Linux I have acquired a culture of open source software, a culture that is expanding with every day I spend in Linux. Especially after having seen the importance of open source applications in fighting the monopoly of Big softwares companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe ...

    Microsoft Conquers Android as “Link to Windows” Becomes Top Free App

    Microsoft’s Android apps are getting more and more popular, and today the company’s very own “Link to Windows” tool published in the Google Play Store conquered the leading place in the Top Free rankings.

    Linux Lockdown, CentOS Stream, Patent Trolls, Ubuntu, Lakka, KDE Plasma | This Week in Linux 83

    Linus Approves Kernel 'Lockdown' Feature, Red Hat Announces CentOS Stream, GNOME Foundation Sued By "Patent Troll", Purism Releases Video Demos of Librem 5, Ubuntu Reveals Plan for 32-bit & more!

    Destination Linux 138 - GNOME 3.34, Firefox 69, Librem 5, Chromebooks, Signal Messenger & more

    On DL 138 Gnome 3.34 Drops This Week, Super Grub2 Disk 2.04s1 Released, Firefox 69 Released, Purism Librem 5 Shipping, Chromebooks Targeting The Enterprise, Phantom 3D Coming To Linux

    Akademy 2019 Talks: Heres What You Missed

    According to the now traditional schedule, Akademy 2019 started with two days of conference talks. Hosted by unixMIB at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Milan, Italy, the central conference of the KDE community attracted more than a hundred attendees during this past weekend. Many of them were attending Akademy for the first time ever, which is always a reason to celebrate.

    5 open source speed-reading applications

    • Opensource.com (Posted by bob on Sep 3, 2019 6:49 AM EDT)
    • Groups: Mobile; Story Type: News Story
    English essayist and politician Joseph Addison once said, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Today, most (if not all) of us are training our brains by reading text on computer monitors, television screens, mobile devices, street signs, newspapers, magazines, and papers at work or school. read more

    Hey, it's 2019. Quit making battery-draining webpages a€“ say makers of webpage-displaying battery-powered kit

    Save the family joules, urge Apple's WebKit developers. Apple WebKit engineers Benjamin Poulain and Simon Fraser have offered advice to web developers about how to design power-efficient web pages, to preserve the life of mobile device batteries and give users move time interacting with web content.…

    Destination Linux 135 - Simon Steinbei? of Xfce, Dalton Durst of UBports, KDE Apps 19.08, Huawei

    Simon Steinbei? of Xfce, Dalton Durst of UBports, KDE Applications, CutiePi Open Source Tablet, Huawei To Create Open Source Foundation, Rust Removes Linux Support, Stranded Deep Survival Game Fix

    Mobile robot taps Jetson Xavier via new Aetina carrier board

    Aetina announced a partnership to build an autonomous, solar-powered mobile robot with GPS tracking, sensors, and 6x HD cameras, based on its “AX710” carrier for the Linux-driven Jetson AGX Xavier. Taiwan-based Aetina and an undisclosed third party are developing a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) robot for border and shore patrol and other remote inspection and […]

    Xfce 4.14, FFmpeg, KDE Zero-Day, Linux Journal, NVidia, AMD, LibreOffice | This Week in Linux 78

    Xfce 4.14, FFmpeg, KDE Zero-Day, Linux Journal Shuts Down, NVidia Opens GPU Docs, AMD Ryzen 3000, LibreOffice 6.3, Voyager Linux, ZFS on Ubuntu 19.10, scrcpy, Huawei, Humble Bundle & more on TWinL78

    Sailfish OS given a Jolla good buffing as version 3.1 bobs gently into port

    Encryption, VPN and Android app support for Apple and Google refuseniks Jolla has updated Sailfish, the Linux-based mobile OS aimed at those who prefer a little less Android and Apple in their lives.…

    Firefox Preview for Android: Mozilla has another go at a mobile browser

    Firefox Focus frozen as Mozilla redirects Android effort ... despite small market share Mozilla has announced what is currently called Firefox Preview (codename Firefox Fenix), a new mobile web browser for Android.…

    Hongmeng, there's no need to feel down: It's patently obvious this is Huawei's homegrown mobe OS

    • The Register; By Jude Karabus (Posted by bob on Jun 14, 2019 3:17 PM EDT)
    • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux, Mobile
    It's fun to trademark your brand in CA, it's fun to trademark your brand in SK...ay. Huawei has been spotted nestling in datasets hosted by colourful UN patent body WIPO,?but rather than having any sort of dispute, it has been filing a barrow-load of trademarks on the term "Hongmeng" – thought to be the preferred moniker for its homegrown Linux-based mobile OS.…

    Wow! I Can Run Ubuntu On A Smartphone With UserLAnd!

    Android is one of the mobile operating systems that currently has many users. This makes some developers of a game and desktop-based application also develop applications for Android. One of them is the application used to run Linux distributions.

    GParted 1.0, AMD Ryzen 3000, Zorin OS, Krita, HiddenWasp, Google Stadia | This Week in Linux 69

    On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have a LOT of new releases to talk about from applications to distros and even some hardware news.

    Announcing Our Google Summer of Code 2019 Students

    The KDE Community welcomes our Google Summer of Code students for 2019! These students will be working with our development teams throughout the summer, and many of them will join us this September at Akademy, our annual community meeting...

    KDE Privacy Sprint, 2019 Edition

    From the 22nd to 26th of March, members of the KDE Privacy team met up in Leipzig, Germany, for our Spring 2019 sprint. During the sprint, we floated a lot of different ideas that sparked plenty of discussions. The notion of privacy encompasses a wide range of topics, technologies and methods, so it is often difficult to decide what to focus on. However, all the aspects we worked on are important. We ended up tackling a variety of issues, and we are confident that our contributions will improve data protection for all users of KDE software.

    openSUSE, Xfce 4.14, Antergos Ends, Firefox 67, Kali Linux, BlackArch, Tails | This Week in Linux 68

    Tor Browser 8.5, Kali Linux 2019.2, BlackArch Linux, Tails 3.14, SouthEast LinuxFest, Elisa 0.4.0, Drill Search, GitHub Launches Sponsorship Program, US v. Huawei, Humble Bundles (games and books)

    Zombieload, Nextcloud, Peppermint 10, KDE Plasma, IPFire, ArcoLinux, LuneOS | This Week in Linux 67

    TWinL67: Zombieload, Nextcloud, Peppermint 10, KDE Plasma, IPFire, ArcoLinux, LuneOS, SouthEast LinuxFest, Superpaper, Pinephone, Valve: SteamOS, Steam Client Beta, Proton, id Software Going Vulkan

    Linux 5.1, Red Hat's RHEL 8, Ubuntu Touch, GCC, App Store, Alpine, WSL2 | This Week in Linux 66

    Linux Kernel in Windows 10, Ubuntu 19.10 "Eoan Ermine", Chromebook Linux Google I/O News, KDE Plasma Wallpaper Contest, Kaidan, OpenIndiana, PDF Arranger, LibreSignage, D9VK, Easy Anti-Cheat, BattlEye

    Destination Linux EP120 – Negatively Charged Positivity

    On DL120 Fedora 30, kaOS 2019.02, Clonezilla live, Librem Privacy Suite, Firefox Addons Bug, Dell increase AMD Offerings, Microsoft Edge Browser, Valve Index news and EA Joins Khronos Group plus more.

    Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Released for Ubuntu Phones with Refreshed Look, Improvements

    The UBports community released today the OTA-9 for their Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system for all supported Ubuntu Phone devices, a maintenance release that adds various improvements and a refreshed look.

    Data in a Flash, Part I: the Evolution of Disk Storage and an Introduction to NVMe

    NVMe drives have paved the way for computing at stellar speeds, but the technology didn't suddenly appear overnight. It was through an evolutionary process that we now rely on the very performant SSD for our primary storage tier.

    Gael Duval, Father of User Friendly Linux, on Mandrake and /e/ Phone

    A couple of decades ago Gael Duval was a household name in Linux circles, even if he wasn’t quite as well known as Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond, or Bruce Perens. Duval was the founder of what many consider to be the first user-friendly Linux distro, Mandrake, and as one of three co-founders of the French company MandrakeSoft, around the turn of the century brought the distro to something akin to rock star status among Linux users.

    Celebrating National Superhero Day with Tux, BSD, and more

    • Opensource.com (Posted by bob on Apr 28, 2019 2:36 PM EDT)
    • Groups: Mobile; Story Type: News Story
    On National Superhero Day, how would some of our?favorite open source tools and mascots look if they were superheroes??Granted, open source tools are already kind of like superpowers in their own right. My take on this challenge is Open Force:?Heroes of the Code! (with accompanying illustrations, of course). Download the original Krita art files and?desktop wallpaper images for 4k, HD, and mobile devices from?my GitLab repo. read more

    Development kit showcases Cortex-A76 based Snapdragon 855

    Intrinsyc has launched a 96Boards CE form-factor “Snapdragon 855 Mobile HDK” that runs Android 9 on a 7nm, octa-core Snapdragon 855 with GNSS, WiFi/BT, and optional touchscreens and cameras. Intrinsyc’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Hardware Development Kit is now available for $1,149, offering a development window into Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 855 SoC. The new HDK […]

    ZigBee hub builds on Raspberry Pi

    Dresden-Elektronik has launched two ZigBee home automation gateways: an RPi-based “Phoscon Gateway” and a “ConBee II” USB stick. The gateways run the company’s deCONZ Zigbee Gateway software paired with a new mobile app. Dresden-Elektronik announced the release of a ZigBee-enabled home automation hub based on a Raspberry Pi 3 SBC, as well as a second-gen […]

    5 open source mobile apps

    Like most people in the world, I'm rarely further than an arm's reach from my smartphone. My Android device provides a seemingly limitless number of communication, productivity, and entertainment services?thanks to the open source mobile apps I've installed from Google Play and F-Droid.

    How to build a mobile particulate matter sensor with a Raspberry Pi

    About a year ago, I wrote about measuring air quality using a Raspberry Pi and a cheap sensor. We've been using this project in our school and privately for a few years now. However, it has one disadvantage: It is not portable because it depends on a WLAN network or a wired network connection to work. You can't even access the sensor's measurements if the Raspberry Pi and the smartphone or computer are not on the same network.

    9 open source tools for building a fault-tolerant system

    • Opensource.com (Posted by bob on Mar 29, 2019 2:15 PM EDT)
    • Groups: Mobile; Story Type: News Story
    I've always been interested in web development and software architecture because I like to see the broader picture of a working system. Whether you are building a mobile app or a web application, it has to be connected to the internet to exchange data among different modules, which means you need a web service. read more

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